Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Billiton Island

Billiton Island, is another name for the Belitung Island.In the Indonesian is Pulau Belitung or often referred to in the local community as Belitong

In the past,Billiton Island led by the kings who ruled the kingdom and their respective.such as the royal kingdom Badau,balok and buding.Unlike the ancient,ow headed by a regional leader.Around the year 2003 is divided into two areas or two districts
Namely the West Belitung and East Belitung.Besides being known by the natural beauty of the island has a Beautiful
is also known as  the island’s tin ore

Not only was it in the field of plantation commodities which have also, White billiton islandPepper, Oil Palm and Rubber.With the emerging presence in rainbow troops film ( in indonesian is Film Laskar Pelangi ) the lift from the novel by Andrea Hirata,Billiton Island became famous, sometimes referred to as  local communities is Negeri Laskar Pelangi

Billiton Island

Communities in the Island of  Billiton is famous for its hospitality,so as to make the tourists feel at home and want to linger when visiting.The tourists who visit there just is not, will enjoy the natural beauty of the Coast However, One Culture and the Arts became the alternative.As Beripat, Lesong Panjang, Antu Bubu,Maras Taun,Buang Jong,Becampak,Begasing,Nirok Nanggok

Ok,to tell the Billiton Island is not enough in one post.next time I’ll tell you more length.Just consider this post as an opening,later on you can see the post on the island of Billiton in the English language in full on the site www.belitungisland.info and I will soon update as soon as possible.

Thus the information from me about the Billiton Island Hopefully whoever you are,benefit from this post.Thankyou and see you again

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