Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Belitung Airport

hanandjoeddin air portBelitung Airport is located in the village of  Buluh Tumbang Tanjung Pandan Belitung , This is the only one in Belitung.

First name of the airport is Buluh Tumbang,same as the name of the location.but now his name has been changed to is H.ASsculpture hanandjoeddinHanandjoeddin Air Port.Airport name H. A. S. Hanandjoeddin taken from the name of a character belitung that is H.AS Hanandjoeddin.Hanandjoeddin first was a regent,possible on the basis of the name used as the name of the Belitung Airport.

belitung airportAirlines at the airport belitung there are three that is Sriwijaya Air,Batavia Air,and sky aviation are ready to serve the passengers.Current Belitung Island / Billiton Island  into a tourist destination visited by many tourists, so the role of the airport is very important, every day activity there seemed always crowded.

Belitung Airport

From the Belitung Airport to downtown Tanjungpandan Belitung approximately 20 km away.You can use a rental car to go there.when I got there you can book hotel located in the center of many Tanjungpandan.ok, I think this information up here, on the other occasion, I will update it, if necessary

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